Rapid software development

Using powerful application development tools Circatec is creating robust, functionally rich applications in weeks – not years.

The tools we use are not new!

  1. CA Plex has been in use for approximately 15 years
  2. Rules engines have been commercially available for ten years or more.

What is new is that Circatec has put these two powerful, mature tools together to build complete and often complex applications.

The result:

  1. Well structured, consistent and high quality software.
  2. Demonstrable productivity gains of 50-70%.

These tools have enabled Circatec to develop highly efficient and very effective methodologies for the entire software development cycle.



Rapid, cost effective software development starts with design.

Circatec consultants and analysts work directly with clients' business experts to ensure the design is driven by business process and outcome – infinitely more effective than a data centric approach.

Requirements are defined in annotated process maps, quickly creating an accurate, easily understood requirements definition. The visual nature of process models encourages user interaction, facilitating process improvement and user acceptance.

Clients approve easily understood business requirement definitions and Circatec builds solutions to meet these requirements. We don’t hide behind highly technical specifications that business people have difficulty understanding.

Key benefits of Circatec designs

  • Process and outcome focused
  • Easily understood
  • Extremely easy to amend
  • Vehicle for process improvement
  • Reduced time and cost


Circatec's primary development tool is CA Plex for application development.

Rules engines and Plex are so well designed and structured that we translate the requirement definition maps directly into the development tool. This is extremely efficient, plus it eliminates the ambiguity that occurs when requirements specifications are converted into technical solution designs.

Both tools automatically generate program code. When the application or rules model is changed the application is recompiled, generating completely fresh code.

The result is massive productivity gains. We have created software applications in 15-20% of industry benchmarks for efficient software development following currently accepted development practice.

Key benefits of Circatec's development tools

  • Massive productivity gains
  • Clean, efficient and consistent code
  • Unambiguous translation of requirement
  • System generated documentation – on demand
  • The more complex the requirement the greater the productivity gain.


Rules engine models are self testing. Test cases are quick to build and store (often under an hour each) and each time the model is changed the test cases are run.

This means each rules engine model is fully tested and verified before deployment, greatly reducing subsequent system testing.

Plex uses a defined framework and patterns. Every table, screen and function developed in Plex conforms to the predetermined patterns. This means that if a function works in one place in the system it works exactly the same throughout the system. This 'prove it once' approach substantially reduces testing and rectification.

Because there is no hand written code testing is carried out in parallel with development with the absolute certainty that if a system function performs correctly the underlying code and database are right because they have been generated by Plex.

Client acceptance testing is substantially reduced. The consistent behaviour of the generated applications enables clients to simply test that the functionality meets their requirement specification.

The major impact on testing

  1. Decision Rules engines are tested and proven before deployment
  2. "Prove it once" and know it will be right throughout
  3. Know with certainty that if the function is correct the underlying code and database is correct
  4. Considerable reduction in system and client acceptance testing